"At the recent Feminist Porn Awards in Toronto, Mia Gimp and Clark Matthews won “sexiest short” for their entry KRUTCH, shot on the streets of Midtown Manhattan. ... For depictions that push against sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia and ableist, heteronormative beauty ideals – as it turns out, porn is now the place to look."

The New York Times

Mireille Miller-Young

"KRUTCH, a short comedy drama, was a lovely film ... What struck me about this film was how it managed to not ignore her disability, but also not make it the central focus: this was just a story about a woman who wanted to get off; the film focused on her pleasure. It's refreshing to see narratives like this, with characters who would never feature in Hollywood-produced porn."

The Guardian

Zoe Margolis

"I’d heard a lot about KRUTCH starring Mia Gimp and directed by Clark Matthews, and I was really impressed by it. Mia Gimp is a star. The way the film is framed, how it flows, and the photography are all fantastic, especially for a first time director and performer!"

Pucker Up

Tristan Taormino

"I'd be remiss if I didn't praise the surprisingly affecting and empowering KRUTCH. ... Work like this gives the lie to the narrow-minded notion that all porn is antifeminist or otherwise diminishing."

Weekly Volcano

Christian Carvajal

"KRUTCH, by Clark Matthews, was the other short that got people screaming with delight [at the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards] — delightful, smart and hot porn by and about disabled folks, it featured adorable and fierce Mia Gimp and was made by wheelchair-propelled Matthews (“I was able to serve as my own dolly,” he quipped) very mindfully to bring attention to disability issues and sexiness. It inspired quite a love-fest."

The Buzz

Dr. Carol Queen

"[W]hen we’re presented with a short film such as KRUTCH, produced by Clark Matthews and starring Mia Gimp, we’re amazed, delighted, and completely turned on. Mia is sexy and a fabulous performer; the film completely captures your attention from beginning to end."


Kelly Shibari

"KRUTCH: Proving to the world that people with disabilities have genitalia that work just fine."

The Portland Mercury

Sarah Mirk

"KRUTCH, an eye-opening film about the sexuality of a handicapped woman, is likely to have echoes after the festival."

Williamette Week

Aaron Spencer

"I was so happy to see an entry featuring a differently-abled individual. I think KRUTCH really helped expose the sexuality and sensuality of the individual in the film. I am hopeful that it got people thinking about people with disabilities, and the fact that we are trained to see these folks as not being sexual. Being alive means experiencing sexuality, and just because someone looks different doesn't mean they don't also desire sex and experience their sexuality."

From Monogamy to Something More

Sellwood Couple

"… as the guidebook says [KRUTCH is] “proving to the world that people with disabilities have genitalia that work just fine” but it does a hell of a lot more than that: it captured the best O. moment of the whole fest ... The whole audience breathed audibly in relief and joy. It was masterful because everyone actually reacted to O. as a moment, something no other film achieved. Well done. "

A Nudibranch

Fey Nudibranch

"... I really enjoyed the short film KRUTCH, which is basically contextualized and awesome disabled porn, and I encourage you to try to find it somehow. Rad stuff."

Lynsey G.

Lynsey G.

"So many levels of meaning. I can't stop thinking about it. Moved me. Clever and thoughtful. So appreciated seeing it."

The Stranger forums


"... some VERY powerful moments and very intense sexual stuff. [KRUTCH] is the kind of movie HUMP! was made for."

The Stranger forums


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